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Catering to the Consumer
Although our company specializes in the servicing of two cycle kart racing engines we do also offer many other services for your kart. We do offer these services both at the track and at the shop. Please call ahead for an appointment at the shop or if you are at the track stop by the TCT trailer. Our trackside services include fixing karts involved in crashes to engine rentals when a competitor has a mechanical problem.


Listed are our current labor prices, less parts.  Should you have any questions or special requirements, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

At T.C.T. customer support is our first priority!

Engine Blueprinting
KPV Blueprint $250.00
Yamaha KT-100 Standard Blueprint $300.00
Yamaha KT-100 Extreme Blueprint $450.00
TaG Blueprint $200.00
C51 Kid Kart Blueprint $250.00
Walbro Carb Blueprint $40.00
other engines please call
Engine Services
Yamaha KT-100 or KPV Complete $150.00
Yamaha KT-100 Or KPV Top End $70.00
Yamaha KT-100 Or KPV Bottom End $80.00
Yamaha or KPV Freshen $95.00
TaG Complete Rebuild $190.00
TaG Top End Rebuild $80.00
TaG Freshen $140.00
125cc Shifter Complete Rebuild $250.00
C50/51 Kid Kart Complete Rebuild $150.00
Rebuild Walbro Carb $10.00
Crank Rebuild - Crank out of the engine $35.00
Hone and Fit Piston $20.00
Machine Cylinder Base Square $75.00
Machine Cases Parallel to Crank $75.00
Grind Yamaha Cylinder $60.00
Misc. Services
Laser Align Front End $20.00
4 Wheel Alignment $50.00
Kart Scaling With 4 Wheel Alignment $50.00 Per Hour
Tire Changing Per Set $20.00
Seat Mounting - No Scaling $25.00
Clutch Rebuild $20.00
Kart Rental / Arrive & Drive Please Call
Engine Rental Please Call
Machining Services $50 per Hour
Engine Break-in $35.00
Engine Break-in  With Computer Print Out $80.00
Dynamometer Testing $70.00 per hour

Cryogenic Treatment

We offer cryogenic treatment on all parts, call for details.

Prices are subject to change without notice!